There’s something really nice about doing a good job for people and handing over some great photos you know they will treasure forever. It really does spur you on. It makes me really proud seeing my work displayed on peoples walls, photo albums and even on their Facebook pages.

I have a patient and relaxed style of photography, I want you to feel relaxed too as that’s when the best photo’s happen.  I also like to make my photo sessions/weddings as fun as possible, I don’t ever want to be remembered as ‘that grumpy photographer’ as that’s just not me at all!

I’ve studied photography for many years at college and night classes. I’m skilled in editing photos using adobe software. I carry and use a range of high quality, professional Nikon cameras and lenses which all assist me in getting the best possible photographs.

I’ve been in the photography business for a few years now. Its really fun and rewarding. You get to meet so many amazing people and visit stunning places.  If I wasn’t lucky enough to be doing this Id probably be a football pundit or an x-factor panelist. The only problems I had was not being famous, rubbish at football and cant sing (well, not sober).

What else about me? I’m happily married with my gorgeous wife Tainá (she assists me on lots of photo-shoots, she also works as a nursery nurse so is awesome with the kids) and live in our wee house and struggle with DIY and keeping the garden tidy. I like beer, football, science fiction, technology and takeaways. We have our three kids: Sofia, Leo and Clara  and they fairly keeps us on our toes. Kids are the most amazing things.

Anyway, enough about me. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

If you have any query or would just like to say hello, please get in touch: